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Product ID: Basic-Squeaky-Cleaner-Kit
Squeaky Cleaner for Wood and Laminate Kit
Basic Coatings Squeaky Clean Microfiber Mop Kit is for wood, tile, and laminate flooring. It comes with a swivel-head microfiber mop, 32oz Spray Cleaner of Squeaky Clean, and the complete instruction guide.
Price: $39.99
Product ID: Terry-Cloth-Cover
2 Pack Sh-Wipe Terry Cloth Mop Cover
Do you prefer to use terry cloth mops? This 2-Pack of 8 x 15 Sh-Wipe Terry Cloth Mop Covers fits the Bona 8 x 15 mop head. Soft, gentle on the floors, but sturdy enough to last hundreds of machine washings.
Price: $8.99
Product ID: SH-Mop-8-x-15
Sh-Mop 8 x 15 Terry Cloth Telescoping Handle Mop
Sh Mop original terry cloth mop works hard so you don't have to. The Sh Mop hard surface floor mop comes with a durable terry cloth mop cover. This 8x15 Sh Mop has a swivel head so you can clean those hard-to-reach areas.
Price: $22.99
Product ID: Sh-Mop-Cover-Terry-Cloth
Sh-Mop Cover - Terry Cloth
Replacement terry cloth mop covers for the classic Sh Mop. This 8x15 Sh Mop cover has an elastic band, so you can easily put this pad on and off. Purchase this washable terry cloth mop cover today!
Price: $4.95
Product ID: Sh-Mop-Wet-Dry-Mop-Cover
Sh-Mop Wet / Dry Mop Cover
Theses wet and dry Sh mop refills feature an elastic band for mop head attachment. Rewash these microfiber mop pads for hundreds of uses. This Sh Mop refill pad will glide easily on the floor when used wet or dry.
Price: $5.90
Product ID: Aluminum-Microfiber-Mop-Set
Aluminum Microfiber Mop Set
Durable and affordable microfiber mop set for cleaning of all hard surface floors. This aluminum mop comes with an extendable mop handle so you can adjust the height to your liking. Don't delay! Purchase this telescoping mop today!
Price: $23.99
Product ID: 5x14-Microfiber-Mop-Pad-Blue
5 x 14 Microfiber Mop Pad Blue
5 x 14 microfiber cleaning pad is a reusable mop pad for use with our Aluminum Mop Set or any 5 x 14 mop head with velcro attachment.
Price: $4.99
Product ID: 5x14-Microfiber-Dust-Mop-Pad-Yellow
5 x 14 Microfiber Dust Mop Pad Yellow
5 x 14 yellow microfiber dust mop pad for use with our Aluminum Mop Set or any 5 x 14 head with velcro mop pad attachment.
Price: $4.99
Product ID: Pallmann-Dusting-Pad-4x15
Pallmann Dusting Pad 4 x 15
This microfiber dust mop attracts and lifts dirt while trapping it. This microfiber dust mop can be used with any 4 x 15 mop head that has a velcro head. Clean floors and dust mop often to minimize allergens.
Price: $8.29
Product ID: Pallmann-Hardwood-Cleaning-Kit
Pallmann Hardwood Cleaning Kit
Your hardwood floor cleaning kit is a one step economical purchase, everything you need to maintain beautiful hardwood floors. Pallmann floor products spray cleaner is a neutral pH cleaner with a no rinse formula.
Price: $41.89
Product ID: Pallmann-Microfiber-Mop-Pad-4x15
Pallmann Microfiber Mop Pad 4 x 15
Microfiber cleaning pad has high absorbancy for dirt and grime but still glides easily across floors without scratching. This microfiber cleanig pad is washable and reusable, a great choice. This cleaning pad is a blend of microfibers that clean aggressively without dulling finishes.
Price: $8.29
Product ID: Mohawk-Tile-And-Grout-Cleaner-Kit
Mohawk Tile And Grout Cleaner Kit
This Mohawk floor care kit is made in the USA. This tile and grout cleaner contains 98.5% natural ingredients and 0% soap, so there's no need to rinse. Limited Stock Available
Price: $39.89
Product ID: Bona-Microfiber-Dusting-Pad-4x15
Bona Microfiber Dusting Pad 4 x 15
The Bona dry mop fits any 4 x 15 mop head with a velcro bottom. The electrostatic pad gets rid of dust and dirt particles before wet mopping. Can be used on laminate, tile and stone floors.
Price: $9.99
Product ID: Bona-Applicator-Pad-4x15
Bona Applicator Pad 4 x 15
Bona applicator is made of a revolutionary microfiber that results in an incredibly smooth finish. Bona microfiber applicator pad is washable and reusable. This finish applicator is made by Bona, a trusted name in the industry.
Price: $9.99
Product ID: Bona-Natural-Oil-Floor-Cleaner-Kit
Bona Natural Oil Floor Cleaner Kit
Your Bona floor cleaning kit contains: 32 oz natural oil floor cleaner, 15" mop base with a pole, 15" micro fiber cleaning pad and a 15" micro fiber dusting pad. This Bona floor cleaning kit has everything you need for oil finished hardwood floor maintenance.
Price: $43.29
Product ID: Bona-Professional-Refresher-Applicator-Pad
Bona Professional Refresher Applicator Pad 18 inch
Bona 4" x 18" Professional Refresher Applicator Pad will give your floors a streak free look. Pad should be used with Bona Professional Hardwood Refresher to restore your old or worn-looking hardwood floors. Just the right size for the Bona Professional Mops.
Price: $11.79
Product ID: Torlys-Dressing-and-Mop-Kit
Torlys Dressing and Mop Kit
Purchase this wood floor revitalizer kit which includes 32 oz Torlys floor dressing and mop! Start protecting your worn out floors today with this environmentally friendly product.
Price: $43.89
Product ID: Torlys-Natural-Glow-Cleaner-kit
Torlys Natural Glow Cleaner Kit
Torlys floor care kit is your ready to use solution to everyday cleaning! Your hardwood floors will thank you after using this eco friendly pH neutral cleaner.
Price: $43.69
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