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Product ID: Aqua-Mix-Aquakleen-Spray
Aqua Mix AquaKleen Spray
AquaKleen by Aqua Mix is safe to use with stone, tile and most non-porous hard surfaces. AquaKleen hard surface cleaner is perfect for everyday maintenance. Before using this product always test in a small area first.
Price: $6.09
Product ID: Aqua-Mix-AquaShield-Spray
Aqua Mix AquaShield Spray
Use AquaShield tile maintenance on your sealed stone, ceramic or porcelain tile and grout. This tile / grout cleaner and sealer are combined to save you time. This product will reseal your surface every time you use it.
Price: $7.49
Product ID: Aqua-Mix-Eff-Ex-Efflorescence-Remover-Gallon
Aqua Mix Eff-Ex Efflorescence Remover Gallon
Non-acidic efflorescence cleaner is effective and has zero VOC's. Efflorescence cleaner can be used safely both indoors and outdoors if need be. AquaMix efflorescence cleaner helps to prevent the growth of salt deposit streaking on stone surfaces.
Price: $23.89
Product ID: Aqua-Mix-Grout-Deep-Clean-Spray
Aqua Mix Grout Deep Clean Spray
AquaMix deep grout clean is safe for use on cementitious and premixed urethane grouts. This tile and grout cleaner is a great choice to use because it is biodegradable and easier on the environment.
Price: $9.69
Product ID: Aqua-Mix-Grout-Sealer-24oz-Spray
Aqua Mix Grout Sealer 24oz Spray
Aqua Mix tile grout sealer is a water based product that protects your grout. Tile grout sealer is safe for use on all cementitious grout joints. This product is available in a 24oz spray bottle.
Price: $13.99
Product ID: Aqua-Mix-Grout-Sealer-Pint
Aqua Mix Grout Sealer Pint
This water based sealer doesn't contain any VOC's, for better air quality. You can use this grout care product indoors or out. Made in the USA.
Price: $7.99
Product ID: Aqua-Mix-Penetrating-Sealer-32oz
Aqua Mix Penetrating Sealer 32oz
Our 32 oz penetrating sealer is a water based product which is made to resist stains from penetrating your stones surface. Aqua Mix sealer should last up to 5 years and will protect your natural stone countertops and floors.
Price: $9.99
Product ID: Aqua-Mix-Renue-Polish
Aqua Mix Renue Polish
Make your marble surfaces glimmer and glow today with this Aqua Mix polishing cream. Sized in an 8oz squeeze tube, this product with remove any light scratch marks which have affected your stone. Ready to use, this product is made in the United States and contains no VOC content.
Price: $28.39
Product ID: Aqua-Mix-Seal-and-Finish-Low-Sheen-Gallon
Aqua Mix Seal and Finish Low Sheen Gallon
For a low sheen sealer, this Aqua Mix finishing product will protect recently sealed surfaces from scuffs. This ready to use formula is applied to your natural stone surfaces with a sponge mop and is safe to use indoors and outdoors.
Price: $45.89
Product ID: Aqua-Mix-Sealer-and-Coating-Remover-32oz
Aqua Mix Sealer and Coating Remover 32oz
Made in the USA, this epoxy grout haze remover is formulated to effectively break down any stain or adhesive build-up left on your natural stone surfaces. Aqua Mix's sealer stripper will not dry out after being applied to the stain but rather will soak and break down build up.
Price: $16.89
Product ID: Aqua-Mix-Sealer-and-Coating-Remover-Gallon
Aqua Mix Sealer and Coating Remover Gallon
Gallon sized Aqua Mix sealer remover can be used on your ceramic tile, granite and grout to remover adhesives and sealer build up. This stone floor maintenance product is not intended for use as a routine cleaner but is good for occasional deep cleaning.
Price: $53.99
Product ID: Aqua-Mix-Stone-and-Tile-Cleaner-Gallon
Aqua Mix Concentrated Stone and Tile Cleaner Gallon
Available now, a routine stone floor cleaner by Aqua Mix comes in a gallon size which is perfect for commercial locations or large cleaning jobs. Our product has a neutral pH formula and will keep the environment safe since it contains no VOCs.
Price: $17.99
Product ID: Aqua-Mix-Stone-Clean-and-Shine-Spray
Aqua Mix Stone Clean and Shine Spray 24oz
This granite cleaner and polish comes in a ready to use 24oz spray bottle. Convenient tile care is a must for those with a busy lifestyle. Purchase this today and make your natural stone shine again.
Price: $8.19
Product ID: Aqua-Mix-Stone-Deep-Clean-32oz
Aqua Mix Stone Deep Clean 32oz
When your routine cleaner is not enough, try this tile degreaser which is so strong it will remove wax build up. Made in the United States, this heavy duty stone cleaner comes in a concentrated formula which needs to be diluted. Get the sparkle back in your floors.
Price: $8.29
Product ID: Arboritec-Wood-Floor-Cleaner-32oz-Spray
Arboritec Wood Floor Cleaner - 32 oz Spray
Arboritec floor cleaner can be used on polyurethane and factory finished wood and cork floors. This safe hardwood floor cleaner dries fast and requires no rinsing. Sold in a 32 oz spray bottle.
Price: $9.49
Product ID: Armstrong-Hardwood-Laminate-Floor-Cleaner-32oz-Spray
Armstrong Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner 32oz Spray
This easy to use Armstrong floor cleaner is a no rinse non residue cleaner. Safe to use on laminate and hardwood flooring. Arrives in a ready to use 32 oz spray bottle and made in the USA.
Price: $8.59
Product ID: Armstrong-Hardwood-Laminate-Floor-Cleaner-64oz-Refill
Armstrong Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner 64oz Refill
Convenient and economical, this 64 oz refill of the Armstrong floor cleaner is used on hardwood and laminate floors. Easy laminate floor care with this no-rinse floor cleaner.
Price: $15.49
Product ID: Armstrong-S480-Commercial-Polish
Armstrong S480 Commercial Polish Gallon
Use Armstrong S-480 commercial floor polish on VCT, linoleum, asphalt or rubber flooring. Easily apply this commercial floor polish with a mop, high speed burnish or spray buffed. Armstrong is a known leader for VCT flooring care.
Price: $54.79
Product ID: Armstrong-S485-No-Rinse-Cleaner
Armstrong S485 No Rinse Cleaner Gallon
Armstrong S-485 is a no rinse cleaner and contains no phosphates. It is also low foaming making it ideal for automatic floor scrubbing machines. This VCT floor maintenance cleaner is available in a gallon size concentrate. It can make up to 320 gallons.
Price: $43.89
Product ID: Armstrong-S495-Commercial-Sealer
Armstrong S495 Commercial Floor Sealer Gallon
Try Armstrong S-495 vinyl tile floor care sealer. It dries clear and will cover about 1500 - 2000 square feet per gallon. Use this sealer in both commercial and residential applications.
Price: $59.69
Product ID: Basic-Squeaky-Cleaner-Kit
Squeaky Cleaner for Wood and Laminate Kit
Basic Coatings Squeaky Clean Microfiber Mop Kit is for wood, tile, and laminate flooring. It comes with a swivel-head microfiber mop, 32oz Spray Cleaner of Squeaky Clean, and the complete instruction guide.
Price: $39.99
Product ID: Bona-Hard-Surface-Professional-32oz-Spray
Bona Professional Hard Surface Cleaner - 32oz Spray
Bona Professional Stone, Tile, and Laminate Floor Cleaner in a convenient 32oz Spray. This slightly more aggressive degreasing formula is safe for both home and commercial settings to clean hard surfaces.
Price: $8.09
Product ID: Bona-Hard-Surface-Professional-Cleaner-Gallon
Bona Hard Surface Professional Cleaner Gallon
Bona Professional Stone Tile and Laminate Cleaner works both for residential and commercial settings. Use on laminate, tile, ceramic, vinyl, sealed marble and sealed granite floors.
Price: $23.29
Product ID: Bona-HW-Professional-32oz-Spray
Bona Professional Hardwood Cleaner - 32oz Spray
Bona Professional Formula Hardwood Floor Cleaner 32oz spray bottle. Slightly more aggressive formula is safe for home or commercial use. No rinse needed. Use on all types of unwaxed, polyurethane finished wood floors and factory pre-finished wood floors.
Price: $8.09
Product ID: Bona-HW-Professional-4oz-Concentrate
Bona Professional Hardwood Cleaner - 4oz Concentrate
Bona Professional Hardwood Cleaner 4oz Concentrate is a slightly more aggressive cleaner. Pour into 32oz spray bottle, then fill rest of bottle with water and it is ready to use. Safe for consumers and professionals. Developed for unwaxed, polyurethane finished wood floors and factory pre-finished
Price: $7.19
Product ID: Bona-Professional-Hard-Surface-Refill-Cartridge
Bona Professional Hard Surface Refill Cartridge
This Bona floor cleaner is safe to use on all hard surfaces except for hardwood floors. This floor cleaner is Greenguard certified and non-toxic. Safe to use around children and pets. 28.75 oz refillable cartridge.
Price: $9.89
Product ID: Bruce-Hardwood-Laminate-Cleaner
Bruce Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner
Bruce Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner is formulated for use on all no wax, urethane finished hardwood and laminate floors. This product is great for routine cleaning and spot cleaning!
Price: $11.99
Product ID: Cal-Flor-ChipCure-Repair-Putty
Cal-Flor ChipCure Repair Putty
Cal-Flor ChipCure putty is a must have wood putty to keep on hand for chips, dings and dents in your floors, furniture or countertops. This laminate floor scratch filler is sold in a 30 gram container and is available in five different wood species colors.
Price: $4.19
Product ID: Cal-Flor-ColorSeal-Perimeter-Sealant
Cal-Flor ColorSeal Perimeter Sealant
Easy-to-apply perimeter sealer that is specially formulated for us on wood, tile, laminate and vinyl. Use wood filler on floors, furniture and countertops. This 5.5 fl oz miracle product also works as a wood trim nail hole filler. Six colors available.
Price: $9.19
Product ID: Cal-Flor-Eco-Clean-32oz-Spray
Cal-Flor Eco Clean Floor Cleaner 32oz Spray
Cal-Flor Eco Clean is a non-toxic, ammonia-free option for your all purpose home cleaner. This floor cleaner can be used on wood, vinyl, tile, stone and laminate flooring. Sold in 32 oz ready-to-use spray.
Price: $7.49
Product ID: Cal-Flor-Eco-Clean-8oz-Concentrate
Cal-Flor Eco Clean Floor Cleaner 8oz Concentrate
Cal-Flor eco-friendly floor cleaner for wood, tile, vinyl and more! Sold in the economical 8 oz concentrate, which makes 4 quarts.
Price: $11.49
Product ID: Capture-Carpet-Cleaning-Powder-4lb
Capture Carpet Cleaning Powder 4 Lb
Clean your carpets like a professional and never have to wait for the carpet to dry. Safe for use around children and pets.
Price: $26.89
Product ID: Capture-Carpet-Cleaning-Powder-8lb
Capture Carpet Cleaning Powder 8 Lb
Have enough Capture Carpet Cleaning Powder to clean your whole house, this 8 lb bucket will cover about 800 square feet.
Price: $46.99
Product ID: Capture-Pet-Stain-Remover
Capture Pet Stain and Odor Neutralizer
Capture Pet Stain and Odor Neutralizer is a must have in any home with pets. The odor removal spray will help to break down odors not just remover them.
Price: $11.29
Product ID: Capture-Premist-Soil-Remover
Capture Premist Soil Remover
Use to turbo boost the power of Capture's Dry Cleaner or use as a stand alone stain remover. Either way you will love the results.
Price: $8.69
Product ID: Capture-Spot-and-Stain
Capture Spot and Stain Remover
With Capture Spot and Stain Remover it is easy to get rid of those tough organic or food based stains. Ready to use in a 32 oz spray bottle.
Price: $10.99
Product ID: Capture-Spot-Eliminator
Capture Carpet Spot Eliminator
Capture's Spot Eliminator is fantastic at removing oil based stains and spills. You can also use it on other types of stains. Sold in 16 oz aerosol cans.
Price: $8.49
Product ID: Carpet-Repair-Kit
Carpet Repair Kit
DIY carpet patch kit that you can use with existing carpeting remnants. Use this all encompassing carpet repair kit to easily fix holes in your carpet. Just cut, tape, peel and place!
Price: $23.99
Product ID: Carpetaid-Plus-Stain-Remover
Carpetaid Plus Stain Remover
Safe for your home, this Carpetaid Plus is a biodegradable and recyclable product. This 10 oz aerosol can is designed to take out tough stains, both old and recent, without any rubbing or scrubbing. Order today and be amazed!
Price: $7.29
Product ID: Colorfast-Citrus-Cleaner-Concentrate
Colorfast Citrus Cleaner Concentrate
Colorfast Citrus Cleaner easily cuts through grease and other stains. This floor cleaner is not for use on porous tiles. Citrus cleaner is sold in 32 oz concentrate containers to be diluted to fit your needs.
Price: $12.99
Product ID: Colorfast-Citrus-Cleaner-Ready-to-Use
Colorfast Citrus Cleaner Ready to Use
This citrus cleaner will remove dirt, oil, grime and other difficult stains. Colorfast grout cleaner has a pleasant orange fragrance but is strong enough to remove epoxy haze within the first 24 hours of application.
Price: $9.99
Product ID: Congoleum-Bright-N-Easy-Satin-Polish-Gallon
Congoleum Bright-N-Easy Vinyl Satin Polish Gallon
Looking for a floor polish with just a hint of shine? Well this Bright N Easy polish by Congoleum is the perfect satin matte finish for your vinyl or linoleum floor! Order this gallon today for one low price!
Price: $64.99
Product ID: Congoleum-Bright-N-Easy-Vinyl-Cleaner-32oz
Congoleum Bright-N-Easy Vinyl Floor Cleaner 32oz
Cleaning your vinyl tile floor won't be a chore anymore with this one step, no rinse cleaner. Now available in a 32oz size pour bottle, you can remove dirt on a regular basis. Freshen up your home with this today!
Price: $13.89
Product ID: Congoleum-Bright-N-Easy-Vinyl-Cleaner-Gallon
Congoleum Bright-N-Easy Vinyl Floor Cleaner Gallon
American made, Bright N Easy Congoleum vinyl tile floor cleaner is lemon scented and comes in a gallon to save you money! This one step, no rinse solution will clean Congoleum floors efficiently, and won't leave behind any residue. Try it today!
Price: $28.19
Product ID: Congoleum-Bright-N-Easy-Vinyl-Cleaner-RTU
Congoleum Bright-N-Easy Vinyl Floor Cleaner Ready to Use
This ready to use Bright N Easy No Rinse Cleaner is the perfect solution to your routine cleaning needs. This 32oz formulated spray will remove difficult dirt from your vinyl or plank flooring. One low cost for one grand product.
Price: $12.29
Product ID: Congoleum-Bright-N-Easy-Vinyl-Polish-32oz
Congoleum Bright-N-Easy Vinyl Floor Polish 32oz
Want to protect your resilient or tiled floor from scuffs and marks? Try out Congoleum's high gloss floor finish which will polish your floor to a nice shine. Click or call to order!
Price: $22.99
Product ID: Congoleum-Bright-N-Easy-Vinyl-Polish-Remover-32oz
Congoleum Bright-N-Easy Vinyl Polish Remover 32oz
Are your polished floors starting to look a little dull or scuffed? Well use this polish floor stripper to remove build up. This ready to use formula comes in a handy 32oz pour bottle for your convenience. Try now!
Price: $10.99
Product ID: Crystal-Care-Anti-Static-Spray
Crystal Care Anti Static Spray Gallon
This dust prevention spray is a non-staining formula. Use the non-static spray on fabrics, carpets, as well as hard surfaces found around electronics. Anti-static spray offers a long lasting protection minimizing down times caused by dust and static issues.
Price: $15.79
Product ID: Crystal-Care-Clear-Cut-Stripper
Crystal Care Clear Cut Stripper Gallon
This floor stripper is available in a convenient gallon size; ideal for commercial applications. The VCT floor care maintenance process involves many steps and properly stripping the the floor is essential to rebuilding a good finish.
Price: $17.60
Product ID: Crystal-Care-Crystal-Finish
Crystal Care Crystal Finish Gallon
Try Crystal care acrylic floor finish in your home or business. It is self leveling and dries quickly. Furthermore, the protective floor coating is streak and nick resistant helping extend the life of your floors. Safe for use on most floors such as tile, hardwood, stone and linoleum.
Price: $28.63
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