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Product ID Flooraid-Plus-64
Flooraid+ 64 oz Refill

Flooraid+ is great on your hard surface floors such as natural stone, laminate, vinyl and tile. This is the 64 oz refill bottle. 

Product ID Flooraid-Plus-Cleaner-24-oz

Non-toxic floor cleaner is green and safe for the environment. This hard surface floor care product can be used on most hard surfaces. Flooraid+ is made in America and comes in a ready to use 24 oz trigger spray bottle.

Product ID Gundlach-Color-Enhancer
Gundlach Color Enhancer

The Gundlach solvent stone enhancer is a great way to protect your floors from stains and scratches while bringing out the natural beauty of the stone.

Product ID Gundlach-Gloss-and-Seal
Gundlach Gloss and Seal

This Gundlach Products not only seals and protects your floors form oil and water based stains but also leaves a beautiful gloss finish


Product ID Gundlach-Gout-&-Stone-Sealer
Gundlach Grout and Stone Sealer

The Gundlach Water Based Grout Sealer is a great way to protect your floors from stains, scratches, and UV rays.

Product ID Gundlach-Granite-Cleaner-And-Polish-Aerosol
Gundlach Granite Cleaner And Polish-Aerosol

Natural stone polish doesn't leave a residue and your countertops will look new. Safe for use on all sealed stone surfaces except for floors. This natural stone polish comes in a 19 oz aerosol spray can.

Product ID Gundlach-Granite-Sealer
Gundlach Granite Sealer Aerosol

The Gundlach No. GW08 Granite Sealer is an excellent water based foaming sealer meant for sealing non-floor natural stones.

Product ID Gundlach-Stone-Clean-&-Protect
Gundlach Stone Clean and Protect

Gundlach No. GC40 Clean and Protect is a water based solution that is a 2-in-1 cleaner and sealer perfect for many different stone surfaces.

Product ID Gundlach-Stone-Magic-Polish
Gundlach Stone Magic Polish

Gundlach Stone Magic Polish is a water based solution that is perfect for all natural stone  surfaces such as marble, travertine, granite and many more. 

Product ID Gundlach-Travertine-Enhancer
Gundlach Travertine Enhancer Aerosol

This Gundlach Travertine product enhances your stone natural color and help protect your floors up to 15 years. 

Product ID Gundlach-Water-Based-Stone-Enhancer-Aerosol
Gundlach Water Based Stone Enhancer-Aerosol

Natural stone sealant brings out the depth and beauty of your stone floors. This spray on sealer is ideal to protect porous stones such sandstone, slate and even masonry. Sold in a 15 oz aerosol can and made in the USA.

Product ID Omni-Clean-and-Reseal-Spray
Omni Clean and Reseal 32oz Spray

OMNI Clean & Reseal comes in a 32 oz spray. Easy to use for everyday cleaning. This cleaner has a stain protection technology and keeps sealed surfaces nice and clean. Effective for interior and exterior applications. 

Product ID Omni-Concentrated-Cleaner
Omni Concentrated Cleaner 70oz

Prevent soap scums and hard water build up with our OMNI Concentrated Cleaner. Excellent everyday Cleaner with Proprietary Surfactants. Approx. 5,000 - 10,000 square ft. per 70 ounces. 

Product ID Omni-Deep-Cleaner-Spray
Omni Deep Cleaner 32oz Spray

OMNI Deep Cleaner comes in a 32 oz Spray bottle. It is a stong, yet safe, multi-purpose everyday spray cleaner. Prepares grout joints for the application of Grout recoloring sealer and grout sealer.

Product ID Omni-Efflorescence-Remover
Omni Efflorescence Remover

OMNI's Efflorescence Remover comes in a 1 gallon container and covers approx. 50 to 250 sq ft. Works great on tile, stone, concrete, masonry and grout surfaces. This cleaner is also biodegradable. 

Product ID Omni-Elite-Cleaner
Omni Elite Cleaner 32oz

OMNI Ellite cleaner is great for getting rid of stains and residues. This cleaner has a thick, creamy consistency and a fresh long lasting rosemary scent. Effective for interior and exterior applications. 

Product ID Omni-Elite-Sealer
Omni Elite Sealer 16 oz

Provides Maximum stain protection from Water-based and Oiled-based Contaminates. Effective on sanded and non-sanded cement grouts. The OMNI elite sealer can be used as a Pre-Grouting sealer as well.  

Product ID Omni-Enhancing-Sealer
Omni Enhancing Sealer 16oz

OMNI Enhancing Sealer darkens, rejuvenates and enhances unsealed surfaces. Great on unglazed tiles such as ceramic and porcelain. Also great with natual stone and concretes. Cleaner comes in a 16oz container. 

Product ID Omni-Heavy-Duty-Cleaner
Omni Heavy Duty Cleaner 70oz

Use OMNI Heavy Duty Cleaner to remove algae, mold, mildew, soap scum, wax, grease and ground in dirt and soil. This cleaner comes in a 70oz bottle covering approx. 75 to 10,000 sq. ft. per 70 oz. 

Product ID Omni-High-Gloss-Sealer
Omni High Gloss Sealer 32oz

For interior use only. OMNI High Gloss Sealer provides durable high gloss coating and is unaffected by Ultra-Violet Light. This comes in a 32 oz bottle and covers approx 300 to 1000 sq ft. per coat per gallon. 

Product ID Omni-Low-Gloss-Sealer
Omni Low Gloss Sealer 32oz

OMNI Low Gloss Sealer has great stain protection from water and oil based contaminates. The 32 oz bottle is great for interior and exterior applications. Effective for sanded and non-sanded cement grouts. 

Product ID Omni-Penetrating-Sealer
Omni Penetrating Sealer 32oz

The OMNI Penetrating Sealer will penetrate below the surface. Using this floor maintenance product will also make any future care easier. Sealer comes in a 32 oz bottle and covers approx. 75-375 square feet per coat. 

Product ID Omni-Poultice-Stain-Remover
Omni Poultice Stain Remover

OMNI Poultice Stain Remover comes in a 12 oz covering approx. 25 to 75 square feet per 12 oz jar. Effective for interior and exterior applications and effective for Tile, stone, concrete, masonry and grout surfaces. 

Product ID Omni-Pro10-Sealer
Omni Pro10 Sealer 16 oz

The OMNI Pro 10 Sealer is a durable tile and grout sealer that protects against stains. Make future care so much simpler with innovative technlogy. This sealer has a stain barrier to protect the original look of surfaces.

Product ID Omni-Sealer-Remover
Omni Sealer Remover 32oz

OMNI Sealer Remover chemically breaks down adhesion of sealers and contaminants. Great on tile, stone, concrete, masonry and grout. This comes in a 32 oz covering approx. 18-50 square feet per gallon.

Product ID Rock-Doctor-3-Pack-Cleaner-Sealer-Polish
Rock Doctor 3 Pack - Cleaner, Sealer and Polish

Rock Doctor 3 Pack of Cleaner, Sealer and Polish contains all of your favorite Rock Doctor products conveniently sold together. This trio is exactly what you need to have your stone surfaces protected and looking brand new.

Product ID Rock-Doctor-Granite-Cleaner-Aerosol
Rock Doctor Granite Cleaner - Aerosol

Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Cleaner is specially designed for your daily stone maintenance. This cleaner won't leave a dulling residue and is available in a ready to use spray can.

Product ID Rock-Doctor-Granite-Polish
Rock Doctor Granite Polish

Marble tile care is easy with Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Polish. Simply spray on and wipe off. This stone polish contains emollients and caranauba wax to restore the look of your granite & quartz surfaces.

Product ID Rock-Doctor-Granite-Sealer
Rock Doctor Granite Sealer

For great stone tile protection, this sealer penetrates deeply for a strong bond.  Rock Doctor Granite & Stone Sealer is a water-based formula. The stone countertop sealer also functions to seal grout.

Product ID Rock-Doctor-Natural-Granite-and-Quartz-Cleaner-24oz-Spray
Rock Doctor Natural Granite and Quartz Cleaner Spray

Rock Doctor Natural Granite and Quartz Cleaner is specially designed for any natural stone surface. This cleaner won't leave a dulling residue and is available in a ready to use 24oz spray bottle.

Product ID Rock-Doctor-Outdoor-Stone-Cleaner-24oz-Spray
Rock Doctor Outdoor Stone Cleaner

Rock Outdoor Stone Cleaner comes in a ready to use 24oz spray bottle and is specially formulated to clean hard to remove dirt from any outdoor surface! Safe to use on limestone, pavers, granite, brick and so much more!

Product ID Rock-Doctor-Soap-in-Seconds-3-Pack
Rock Doctor 3 Pack - Soap in Seconds

Rock Doctor's Soap in Seconds is a foaming soap and water mixture that cleans your hands gently and without any alcohol. This foaming hand soap requires NO rinsing! 

Product ID Rock-Doctor-Stainless-Steel-Cleaner
Rock Doctor Stainless Steel Cleaner

Stainless steel cleaner is smudge resistant, so no fingerprints and other unwanted marks. Rock Doctor appliance polish is available in a 24 oz ready to use spray bottle. Cleaner is a blend of natural oils and solvents.

Product ID Rock-Doctor-Tile-and-Grout-Cleaner
Rock Doctor Tile and Grout Cleaner

Rock Doctor natural stone cleaner is safe and effective to use on colored grout and tile. This effective degreaser will remove dirt, oil, soap scum and hard water build up. Available in a 24 oz ready-to-use spray.

Product ID Rock-Doctor-Tile-and-Grout-Refill
Rock Doctor Tile and Grout Refill

Clean and maintain your natural stone surfaces with Rock Doctor Tile & Grout Cleaner. This double duty cleaner is great for showers, sinks, floors and other stone surfaces. Cleans and restores the look of natural stone.

Product ID Sentinel-626-Carpet-and-Sheet-Vinyl-Adhesive-Remover-Gallon
Manufacturer Sentinel
Sentinel 626 Carpet and Sheet Vinyl Adhesive Remover - Gallon

Odorless carpet glue remover made by Sentinel is safe to use in your home! It is easy to use and effective when it comes to removing adhesives from your vinyl tile or wood floors.

Product ID Sentinel-810-All-Surface-Cleaner-Gallon
Manufacturer Sentinel
Sentinel 810 All Surface Cleaner - Gallon

Sentinel 810 multi-surface cleaner will safely clean your floors surface with this water based formula. 

Product ID Sentinel-810-All-Surface-Cleaner-Spray
Manufacturer Sentinel
Sentinel 810 All Surface Cleaner - Spray

Hard surface care is a must and this 32 oz spray can be used in your daily routine. Sentinel 810 floor cleaner should be misted to hard surface and wiped away when removing grease stains.

Product ID Sentinel-811-Adhesive-Primer-Gallon
Manufacturer Sentinel
Sentinel 811 Adhesive Primer - Gallon

Purchase this gallon sized adhesive primer to help the bonding strength of newly installed floors. This low odor formula by Sentinel will cover 200 to 400 square feet and is safe for the environment.

Product ID Gundlach-Water-Based-Grout-Sealer
Gundlach Water Based Grout-Sealer

This grout sealer will protect natural stone surfaces and grout for up to 15 years. This spray grout sealant features the inverted "any way" valve spray tip. This spray sealer is sold in a 14 oz aerosol can and made in the USA.

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