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Product ID Crystal-Care-Jewel-Finish
Manufacturer Athea Labs
Crystal Care Jewel Finish Gallon

High traffic floor finish retains wet look even under extreme traffic conditions. Use for commercial floor care on tile, vinyl, linoleum and hardwoods. High traffic floor finish offers a transparent slip resistant property.

Price: $38.99
Product ID Crystal-Care-Neutralizer
Manufacturer Athea Labs
Crystal Care Neutralizer Gallon
Crystal Care floor neutralizer can be used on hardwoods, vinyl, carpeting and metal surfaces. This residue remover preps floors for better penetration and adhesion when re-applying finishes.
Price: $13.78
Product ID Crystal-Care-Shield-Sealer
Manufacturer Athea Labs
Crystal Care Shield Sealer Gallon

This durable floor finish will bond with stone making it ideal for commercial applications such as schools and food courts. Use water based floor sealer for interior or exterior applications. A great choice for stone or concrete patios.

Price: $50.99
Product ID Disinfectant-Cleaner-20-Jar-Aqua-Chempacs
Disinfectant Cleaner 20 pack Jar - Aqua Chempacs

.Disinfect your home or public places such as hotels, restaurants and schools. Great on many surfaces such as glazed ceramic tiles, glazed porcelain, bath tubs, bathrooms and many more. This 20 pack jar will make 20 quarts. 

Price: $34.02
Product ID Disinfectant-Cleaner-4-Clamshell-Aqua-Chempacs
Disinfectant Cleaner 4 pack Clamshell - Aqua Chempacs

Disinfect surfaces such as metal, cabinets, floors, walls, platstic, shower room, bathrooms and many more with this Aqua Chempac disinfectant. 4 packs will make 4 quarts. 

Price: $17.09
Product ID Disinfectant-Cleaner-6-Clamshell-Aqua-Chempacs
Disinfectant Cleaner 6 pack Clamshell - Aqua Chempacs

Deodorize and disinfect your spaces with the Aqua Chempac Disinfectant cleaner. This disinfectant is excellent for a variety of surfaces. Non Areosal, no phosphate and formulated with a neutral PH that will not dull high gloss finishes. 

Price: $10.09
Product ID Dr-Schutz-Dry-Foam-Cleaner
Dry Foam Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

The Dr. Schutz Dry Foam is used on natural fiber, oriental, and moisture sensitive carpets. Sold in a 400ml aerosol can.

Price: $22.39
Product ID Dr-Schutz-Floor-Repair-Kit
Dr. Schutz Floor Repair Kit

The Dr. Schutz Floor Repair Kit will include everything that you need for filling in individual holes and deep scratches on laminate, wood, and resilient flooring.

Price: $53.89
Product ID Dr-Schutz-H2Oil
Dr. Schutz H2Oil

Dr. Schutz H2Oil will  refreshes all oiled wood and cork floors leaving behind a protective fill and silky matt finish. Sold in a 750 oz container.

Price: $42.29
Product ID Dr-Schutz-polish-Matt
Dr. Schutz Wood Polish Matte

Dr. Schutz Wood Polish Matte care will leave your wood floors with a pleasant matte look as well as protect it from scratches. Sold in a 750 oz container.

Price: $28.79
Product ID Dr-Schutz-Polish-Satin
Dr. Schutz Wood Polish Satin

Dr. Schutz Wood Polish Satin will  finish all wood and cork floors leaving behind a protective film and a beautiful satin finish. Sold in a 750 oz container.

Price: $25.29
Product ID Dr-Schutz-Wood-Care-for-Oiled-Floors
Wood Care for Oiled Floors

Dr. Schutz Wood Care for Oiled Floors will clean and care for all oiled wood and cork floors leaving behind a protective film and silky finish. Sold in a 750 oz container.

Price: $21.89
Product ID Durable-Large-Cleaning-Sponge
Durable Large Cleaning Sponge
Purchase this large cleaning sponge for even the toughest spills. This must have cleaning tool will save you money wasted on paper towels and other disposable cleaning cloths. This grout sponge measures 7.5 x 5.5 inches and a 2 inch thickness.
Price: $2.39
Product ID DuraSeal-Hardwood-Floor-Cleaner-Spray-28oz
Manufacturer Duraseal
DuraSeal Hardwood Cleaner Spray 28oz

Trusted DuraSeal hardwood floor cleaner in a convenient, ready-to-use 28oz spray. This hardwood floor care product is made specifically to be used on un-waxed or polyurethane finished floors.

Price: $9.49
Product ID Earthwerks-Glue-and-Grime-Remover
Earthwerks Glue & Grime Remover

Adhesive remover spray is perfect for getting rid of a variety of adhesives. Remove grime and glue safely from vinyl, pre-finished wood, counter tops and most hard surfaces. Earthwerks glue removal spray is made in the USA, it comes in a 12 oz spray bottle.

Price: $9.29
Product ID Earthwerks-Vinyl-Cleaner
Earthwerks Vinyl Cleaner
 Earthwerks' green floor cleaner lets you feel good about the product you are using, but without making you sacrafice cleaning power. You can use this cleaner on a variety of hard surfaces: laminate, hardwood, LVT, stone, and tile!
Price: $12.99
Product ID Empty-Spray-Bottle-32oz
Empty Spray Bottle - 32oz
Purchase this empty spray bottle today and save the environment by reusing and refilling. This trigger bottle holds 32 oz of solution and has dilution ratios marked along the side.
Price: $1.99
Product ID Floor-Conditioner-Neutralizer-Aqua-Chempacs
Floor Conditioner and Neutralizer - Aqua Chempacs

Removes akaline residues, ice melt salt compounds, lime deposits and hard water stains. 50 pacs in a tub. 

Price: $46.09
Product ID Flooraid-Plus-64
Flooraid+ 64 oz Refill

Flooraid+ is great on your hard surface floors such as natural stone, laminate, vinyl and tile. This is the 64 oz refill bottle. 

Price: $16.89
Product ID Flooraid-Plus-Cleaner-24-oz

Non-Toxic floor cleaner is green and safe for the environment. This hard surface floor care product can be used on most hard surfaces. Non-Toxic floor cleaner is made in America and comes in a ready to use 24 oz trigger spray bottle.

Price: $6.69
Product ID Forbo-Floor-Finish-Remover
Forbo Floor Finish Remover

Remove your floor finish with the Forbo Floor Finish Remover. This remover is perfect for the removal of Forbo residential floor finish and will not damage your floor surfaces. 

Price: $36.35
Product ID Forbo-Ready-to-Use-Cleaner
Forbo Ready to Use Neutral Cleaner

Ready to Use Neutral Cleaner can be used as a daily cleaner for your linoleum floor surfaces. They are enviromental friendly and are biodegradable. The neutral cleaner will clean your stains and grimes away. 

Price: $8.19
Product ID Glass-Hard-Surface-Concentrate-20-Jar-Aqua-Chempacs
Glass and Hard Surface Concentrate 20 pack Jar - Aqua Chempacs

Remove those fingerprints, smears and films with the Aqua Chempac glass and hard surface cleaner. This will make 20 quarts of cleaner. 

Price: $27.19
Product ID Glass-Hard-Surface-Concentrate-6-Clamshell-Aqua-Chempacs
Glass and Hard Surface Concentrate 6 pack Clamshell - Aqua Chempacs

Clean your windows, glasses and hard surfaces with the Aqua Chempac glass and hard surface concentrate. This comes in a 6 pack that makes 6 quarts. 

Price: $8.19
Product ID Glide-Guys-Hard-Surface-Felt-Floor-Glides-Brown
Manufacturer Glide Guys
Glide Guys 1 Inch Hard Surface Felt Floor Glides - Brown

Protect your hardwood floors with floor glides that are 1" in diameter. These brown felt furniture feet are screwed into the base of your chair to prevent them from falling off.

Price: $6.49
Product ID Glide-Guys-Hard-Surface-Felt-Floor-Glides-White
Manufacturer Glide Guys
Glide Guys 1 Inch Hard Surface Felt Floor Glides - White

Purchase this pack of 4 white floor protectors for chairs to prevent scratches on your hard surfaces. These furniture glides are screw mounted into place and have a swivel foot to adapt to angled or straight surfaces.

Price: $6.49
Product ID Glide-Guys-Hard-Surface-Felt-Replacement-Pack-Brown
Manufacturer Glide Guys
Glide Guys Hard Surface Felt Replacement Pack - Brown
Glide Guys hard surface replacement felt pads in brown. These replacement felt bases are made for the Glide Guys Hard Surface Felt Floor Glides. Sold in a pack of four.
Price: $2.99
Product ID Glide-Guys-Hard-Surface-Felt-Replacement-Pack-White
Manufacturer Glide Guys
Glide Guys Hard Surface Felt Replacement Pack - White
Glide Guys hard surface replacement felt pads in white. These replacement felt bases are made for the Glide Guys Hard Surface Floor Glides. Sold in a pack of four.
Price: $2.99
Product ID Glitsa-Clean-Concentrate-Gallon
Glitsa Clean Concentrate Gallon

Glitsa floor cleaner is offered in an economical gallon concentrate. This cleaner is a no rinse formula that will leave your floors with a clean fresh scent.

Price: $25.49
Product ID Glitsa-Clean-Concentrate-Quart
Glitsa Clean Concentrate Quart
Glitsa is a simple to use no rinse formula floor cleaner that leaves a fresh clean scent. This cleaner is sold in a concentrate that you dilute as you use it.
Price: $10.99
Product ID Gundlach-Calcium-Blocker-Quart
Manufacturer Gundlach
Gundlach Calcium Blocker Quart
Our Gundlach Calcium Blocker will prevent efflorescence and calcium deposits from forming on your grout and tile. Purchase this 32 oz spray to protect your surfaces from this problem. Formula is ready to use and does not require dilution.
Price: $56.99
Product ID Gundlach-Granite-Cleaner-And-Polish-Aerosol
Gundlach Granite Cleaner And Polish-Aerosol

Natural stone polish doesn't leave a residue and your countertops will look new. Safe for use on all sealed stone surfaces except for floors. This natural stone polish comes in a 19 oz aerosol spray can.

Price: $29.99
Product ID Gundlach-Water-Based-Stone-Enhancer-Aerosol
Gundlach Water Based Stone Enhancer-Aerosol
Natural stone sealant brings out the depth and beauty of your stone floors. This spray on sealer is ideal to protect porous stones such sandstone, slate and even masonry. This natural stone color enhancer is sold in a 15 oz aerosol can and made in the USA.
Price: $35.89
Product ID Handhelt-Grout-Cleaning-Brush
Handheld Grout Cleaning Brush
The best way to clean grout with our grout cleaning brush. Paired with one of our effective grout cleaners, this tool for cleaning grout lines will make your grout look new again.
Price: $1.89
Product ID Heavy-Duty-Floor-Cleaner-Concentrate-Aqua-Chempacs
Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner Concentrate - Aqua Chempacs

Need to clean dirt or traffic soil off your floors. This heavy duty floor cleaner can be used as a daily cleaner, but effective enough for more soiled areas at a stronger dilutions. They are easy to use, non aerosol and phosphate free. 

Price: $28.49
Product ID Kahrs-Hardwood-Cleaner-128oz
Manufacturer Kahrs
Kahrs Hardwood Floor Cleaner 128oz

Gallon sized Kahrs cleaner will save you money by refilling old spray bottles. Works great on un-waxed hardwood floors. Order this non toxic floor cleaner today and have shipped straight to your door!

Price: $55.59
Product ID Kahrs-Hardwood-Cleaner-32oz
Manufacturer Kahrs
Kahrs Hardwood Floor Cleaner 32oz

This non-toxic cleaner is a waterbased formula that effectively and gently cleans all unwaxed wood floors. No residue is left behind and formula is ready to use.

Price: $22.99
Product ID Kahrs-Lacquer-Refresher-Liter
Manufacturer Kahrs
Kahrs Lacquer Refresher Liter

Bring back the luster of your lacquered wood floors. The Kahrs Lacquer Refresher is easy to use, and gives a new finish to hardwood floors that have become scratched and worn. Sold in a 1 Liter Bottle.

Price: $23.49
Product ID Karndean-Commercial-Protection
Karndean Commercial Protection

Karndean Commercial Refresh will give your luxury vinyl tile (LVT) a beautiful satin finish help protect against marks and fine scratches as well as a slip-resistant coating. Sold in a 5 liter bottle.

Price: $106.39
Product ID Karndean-LVT-Basic-Stripper-5Lt
Karndean LVT Basic Stripper 5 Liter
Karndean floor finish remover prepares your floor for a new coat of protective refresher. The basic stripper works as a vinyl adhesive remover from installation residue. The floor finish remover can also be used to spot remove scuff marks in between maintenance.
Price: $34.89
Product ID Karndean-LVT-Basic-Stripper-750ml
Karndean LVT Basic Stripper 750 ml
Karndean floor stripper works great right after installation to remove glue residue. Fantastic vinyl floor care starts with great products by Karndean. Karndean floor stripper will clean your floors of build up and residue so you can start with a fresh new look.
Price: $11.29
Product ID Karndean-LVT-Dim-Glow-Refresher-5Lt
Karndean LVT Dim Glow Refresher 5 Liter
Refresh is a protective floor coating designed to minimize scuff marks and fine scratches on your floor. Karndean floor care products can be purchased separately or as a kit.
Price: $85.89
Product ID Karndean-LVT-Dim-Glow-Refresher-750ml
Karndean LVT Dim Glow Refresher 750 ml
Karndean vinyl floor finish will enhance the look of your LVT floors with a satin finish. Karndean Dim Glow floor protector has non slip properties for added safety.
Price: $17.29
Product ID Karndean-LVT-Routine-Cleaner-5Lt
Karndean LVT Routine Cleaner 5 Liter
Karndean luxury vinyl tile cleaner is designed for everyday use. Proper use of vinyl floor care products can greatly extend the life of your floors. Always use the luxury vinyl tile cleaner that is formulated for your specific floor.
Price: $32.49
Product ID Karndean-LVT-Routine-Cleaner-750ml
Karndean LVT Routine Cleaner 750 ml
For clean vinyl flooring using the right product makes all of the difference. Use Karndean Routine Cleaner as your day to day cleaner for great results. Karndean Routine Cleaner comes in a 750 ml bottle
Price: $10.39
Product ID Laminate-Concentrated-Cleaner
Dr. Schutz Laminate Concentrated Cleaner

Dr. Schutz Laminate Cleaner is a neutral cleaning agent that is great for routine cleaning of laminate floors. Comes in a 750 ml bottle.

Price: $20.19
Product ID Large-Wrap-Around-Felt-for-Rail-Chairs
Manufacturer Equinox
Large Wrap Around Felt for Rail Chairs
Large felt rail chair glides for sled leg chairs. These felt chair glides are sold in an attractive beige color. Economical felt for school chairs come in a pack of 4 per price.
Price: $4.99
Product ID Libman-Antibacterial-Wet-Mop
Libman Antibacterial Wet Mop


Price: $13.95
Product ID Libman-Blue-Blend-Wet-Mop
Libman Blue Blend Wet Mop - Large

This Blue Wet Mop is machine washable and will not shrink in the process!

Price: $12.09
Product ID Libman-Cut-End-Cotton-Wet-Mop
Libman Cut-End Cotton Wet Mop Refill


Price: $8.29
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