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Product ID Omni-Pro10-Sealer
Omni Pro10 Sealer 16 oz

The OMNI Pro 10 Sealer is a durable tile and grout sealer that protects against stains. This sealer makes future care so much more simpler and with it's innovative technlogy this sealer has a stairn barrier that protects the original look of the surfaces. This comes in a 16 oz covering Approximately 38 to 188 square feet per coat. 

Price: $29.89
Product ID Omni-Sealer-Remover
Omni Sealer Remover 32oz

OMNI Sealer Remover chemically breaks down adhesion of sealers and contaminants. Great on Tiles, Stones, Concrete, Masonry & Grout Surfaces. This comes in a 32 oz covering approx. 18-50 square feet per gallon.  

Price: $18.89
Product ID PU-Concentrated-Cleaner
Dr. Schutz PU Concentrate Cleaner

Dr. Schutz PU Cleaner is a active cleaning agent that is great for routine cleaning and first time cleaning of a new floor. Sold in a 750 ml bottle.

Price: $20.59
Product ID Quickstep-Hard-Surface-Cleaner-Spray
Manufacturer Quick-Step
Quickstep Performance Accesssories Hard Surface Cleaner Spray - 32oz

QuickStep cleaner by Performance Accessories is the perfect choice for your QuickStep floors. Made in the USA!

Price: $17.61
Product ID Roberts-Universal-Repair-Kit
Roberts Universal Repair Kit
Roberts Universal Repair Kit can be used on wood, laminate, vinyl floors, and other surfaces. This all encompassed floor repair kit includes putty to mix and match to your surface. Use as a wood furniture scratch repair product too.
Price: $12.49
Product ID Rock-Doctor-Granite-Cleaner
Rock Doctor Granite Cleaner
Rock Doctor stone care is designed to be your daily granite cleaner. This stone care cleaner won't leave a dulling residue and is available in a ready to use spray can.
Price: $7.19
Product ID Rock-Doctor-Granite-Polish
Rock Doctor Granite Polish
Marble tile care is as simple as spraying this polish and rubbing it into your countertop with an absorbent cloth. This stone countertop polish contains emollients and caranauba wax to restore the look of your granite surfaces.
Price: $8.19
Product ID Rock-Doctor-Granite-Sealer
Rock Doctor Granite Sealer

For great stone tile protection this sealer penetrates deeply for a strong bond. This granite countertop sealer also functions to seal grout. This stone tile sealer is a water-based formula.

Price: $17.79
Product ID Rock-Doctor-Stainless-Steel-Cleaner
Rock Doctor Stainless Steel Cleaner

Stainless steel appliance cleaner is smudge resistant, so no worries about fingerprints and other unwanted marks. Metal cleaner is available in a 24 oz ready to use spray bottle. Stainless steel cleaner is a blend of natural oils and solvents.

Price: $8.69
Product ID Rock-Doctor-Tile-and-Grout-Cleaner
Rock Doctor Tile and Grout Cleaner

Rock Doctor natural stone cleaner is safe and effective to use on colored grout and glazed or unglazed tile. This tile degreaser will remove dirt, oil, soap scum and hard water build up. Available in 24 oz ready-to-use spray.

Price: $8.69
Product ID Sanitary-Restroom-Cleaner-Concentrate-20-Jar-Aqua-Chempacs
Sanitary Restroom Cleaner Concentrate 20 pack Jar - Aqua Chempacs

Ideal to clean and deodorize hospitals, nursing homes, schools, restaurants and public areas where sanitation is important. This cleaner is suitable for a variety of surfaces that will not dull their finishes. 

Price: $31.09
Product ID Sanitary-Restroom-Cleaner-Concetrate-6-Clamshell-Aqua-Chempacs
Sanitary Restroom Cleaner Concentrate 6 pack Clamshell - Aqua Chempacs

Excellent to disinfect a variety of surfaces such as glazed ceramic tiles, plastic surfaces, shower stalls, glazed porcelain, bath tubs, cabinets and many more. Sanitary restroom cleaner and deodorizer was formulated to thoroughly clean public areas where sanitation is a number one priorty such as hospitals, restaurants and schools. 

Price: $9.19
Product ID Scratch-Away-Wood-Floor-Furniture-8oz
Manufacturer Cal-Flor
Scratch Away for Wood Floor and Furniture - 8oz
Mask surface scratches with Cal-Flor Scratch Away. This one-of-a-kind product is safe and easy to use. Sold in an economical 8oz spray bottle.
Price: $6.49
Product ID Scratch-Away-Wood-Floor-Furniture-Pen
Manufacturer Cal-Flor
Scratch Away for Wood Floor and Furniture - Pen Size
Instantly conceal surface scratches with Scratch Away. This easy-to-use scratch masking treatment can be used on wood, laminate, and more!
Price: $4.49
Product ID Sentinel-333-Cleaner-and-Degreaser-Gallon
Manufacturer Sentinel
Sentinel 333 Cleaner and Degreaser - Gallon

Use this heavy duty degreaser to remove gum and mildew from your carpets! This all purpose cleaner is made by Sentinel in the USA and has almost no smell to it.

Price: $16.39
Product ID Sentinel-626-Carpet-and-Sheet-Vinyl-Adhesive-Remover-Gallon
Manufacturer Sentinel
Sentinel 626 Carpet and Sheet Vinyl Adhesive Remover - Gallon

Odorless carpet glue remover made by Sentinel is safe to use in your home! It is easy to use and effective when it comes to removing adhesives from your vinyl tile or wood floors.

Price: $23.29
Product ID Sentinel-747-Floor-Adhesive-Remover-32oz
Manufacturer Sentinel
Sentinel 747 Floor Adhesive Remover - 32oz
This vinyl tile adhesive remover is strong enough to strip old gunk from your floors without emitting harsh fumes. Available in 32 oz bottle, this mastic remover should be diluted for the best coverage.
Price: $14.09
Product ID Sentinel-747-Floor-Adhesive-Remover-Gallon
Manufacturer Sentinel
Sentinel 747 Floor Adhesive Remover - Gallon

Gallon sized floor glue remover will cover 100 to 200 square feet depending on dilution strength. This biodegradable vinyl adhesive remover will work on wood floors, sheet vinyl and even old carpeting.

Price: $34.29
Product ID Sentinel-787-Adhesive-Seam-and-Spot-Clear
Manufacturer Sentinel
Sentinel 787 Adhesive Seam and Spot-Clear

This 24 oz squeeze bottle will help remove carpet adhesive safely and quickly from your floor. Sentinel 787 general purpose cleaner can remove oil and grease stains as well.

Price: $10.99
Product ID Sentinel-810-All-Surface-Cleaner-Gallon
Manufacturer Sentinel
Sentinel 810 All Surface Cleaner - Gallon

Sentinel 810 multi-surface cleaner will safely clean your floors surface with this water based formula. 

Price: $14.29
Product ID Sentinel-810-All-Surface-Cleaner-Spray
Manufacturer Sentinel
Sentinel 810 All Surface Cleaner - Spray
Hard surface care is a must and this 32 oz spray can be used in your daily routine. Sentinel 810 floor cleaner should be misted to hard surface and wiped away when removing grease stains.
Price: $7.15
Product ID Sentinel-811-Adhesive-Primer-Gallon
Manufacturer Sentinel
Sentinel 811 Adhesive Primer - Gallon

Purchase this gallon sized adhesive primer to help the bonding strength of newly installed floors. This low odor formula by Sentinel will cover 200 to 400 square feet and is safe for the environment.

Price: $14.79
Product ID Sentinel-821-Sealer-and-Primer-Gallon
Manufacturer Sentinel
Sentinel 821 Sealer and Primer - Gallon

Protect your basement floors from mold and mildew with Sentinel 821 floor sealer. This ready to use primer is used to create a barrier on your floors against natural causes looking to damage the surface. Made in the US.

Price: $33.19
Product ID Single-Step-Cleaner-Polish-Gloss
Manufacturer Cal-Flor
Single Step Cleaner and Polish - Gloss Finish

Clean and polish your floors in one convenient step. Industrial strength cleaner and polish that will give your hardwood, vinyl, tile or stone floors a bright glossy finish. Sold in 24 oz bottles. Do not use on laminate flooring

Price: $12.75
Product ID Single-Step-Cleaner-Polish-Satin
Single Step Cleaner and Polish - Satin Finish

Industrial strength cleaner and polish in one can be used on hardwood, vinyl, tile or stone floors. This single-step cleaner and polish is available in a soft satin finish. Do not use on laminate flooring

Price: $12.75
Product ID Sisal-Care-22oz-Spray
Manufacturer Design Materials
Sisal Care 22 oz Spray

Take care of your natural fiber rugs with our 22 oz Sisal Care cleaner. Works on both water and oil based stains and will not shrink your carpeting. Order now!

Price: $18.39
Product ID Sisal-Guard-32oz
Manufacturer Design Materials
Sisal Guard 32oz Spray
Help protect your natural fiber carpeting by using our Sisal Guard; formulated to slow down spill absorbency. Will not alter your rugs coloring. Try it today to save your carpet from future spills.
Price: $41.71
Product ID Small-Wrap-Around-Felt-for-Rail-Chairs
Manufacturer Equinox
Small Wrap Around Felt for Rail Chairs
Small felt rail chair glides for sled leg chairs. These felt chair glides are sold in an attractive beige color. Economical felt for school chairs come in a pack of 4 per price.
Price: $4.59
Product ID Somerset-Ultimate-Wood-Floor-Cleaner
Manufacturer Somerset
Somerset Ultimate Wood Floor Cleaner
Somerset Brand Ultimate Wood Floor Cleaner available in 28 oz spray bottles. This no rinse hardwood floor cleaner is the ultimate care for your aluminum-oxide finished floors.
Price: $27.19
Product ID Spot-Beater-Spot-and-Stain-Remover
Spot Beater Spot Remover
Apex carpet stain remover works instantly on all synthetic carpets. This carpet stain spray will get out blood, coffee or even pet stains without having to scrub your fabric. Order today and watch spots disappear!
Price: $6.79
Product ID Spraymax-Vinyl-Cleaner
Dr. Schutz Spraymax Cleaner

The Spraymax Cleaner is a ready-to-use cleaner that is great for routine cleaning on any hard floors including wood, cork, laminate, and stone . Sold in a 750 ml bottle.

Price: $20.19
Product ID Sure-Shine-Vinyl-Cleaner
Manufacturer Domco
Sure Shine Vinyl Cleaner - 32oz
Take care of your vinyl flooring investment without breaking your back or the bank. From light to heavy cleaning and even stripping finishes, Sure Shine Cleaner can handle it all. One cleaner, three ways to clean!
Price: $13.28
Product ID Sure-Shine-Vinyl-Gloss-Polish
Manufacturer Domco
Sure Shine Vinyl Gloss Polish - 32oz
 Use Sure Shine High Gloss Polish to add a glossy finish to your vinyl floors. Use it on all types of vinyl flooring to get the look you want.
Price: $17.45
Product ID Sure-Shine-Vinyl-Matte-Polish
Manufacturer Domco
Sure Shine Vinyl Matte Polish - 32oz
Sure Shine Matte Floor Polish makes adding protection to your vinyl floors fast and easy. You can use this matte floor finish on any vinyl flooring.
Price: $17.45
Product ID Tech-Carpet-Cleaner-24oz
Tech Carpet Cleaner 24oz

This carpet spray cleaner is safe to use because it is 100% biodegradable and solvent free. Tech carpet cleaner is a water based formula designed to penetrate carpet fibers and remove stains without spreading them.

Price: $6.39
Product ID Tech-Grout-Cleaner-Spray
Tech Grout Cleaner Spray 32oz
Safe for use on colored grout and around kids and pets. Gentle, yet effective cleaning power.
Price: $5.99
Product ID Tech-Red-Wine-Stain-Remover
Tech Red Wine And Stain Remover
This spot remover spray is safe to use on washable fabrics, upholstery and carpets. This is much more than a red wine stain remover, it also works on all types of stains such as fruit juice stains.
Price: $2.89
Product ID Tech-SkunkX-Odor-Remover-Spray
Tech SkunkX Odor Remover Spray
SkunkX is safe to use around pets and children. This odor remover spray contains organic compounds and natural stabilizers to destroy offensive odors. SkunkX is sold in a 32 oz bottle and made in America.
Price: $7.09
Product ID Tech-Stain-Remover-2oz
Tech Stain Remover 2oz
This 2 oz travel size stain remover is perfect for those on the go. Quickly clean up spills or stains with this spray bottle that works great on carpet and clothes. Made in the USA.

Price: $1.79
Product ID Tech-Stain-Remover-8oz
Tech Stain Remover 8oz
This conveniently sized 8 oz bottle of stain remover is perfect for small jobs. Get rid of unwanted stains on clothes, carpet and more. The formula is safe to use on all washable products and is odor free.
Price: $4.19
Product ID Tech-Stain-Remover-Gallon
Tech Stain Remover Gallon
Remove tough stains with this 100% safe to use Tech product. Works on carpet, clothing, vinyl and upholstered furniture!
Price: $21.99
Product ID Tech-Tile-And-Vinyl-Cleaner
Tech Tile And Vinyl Cleaner 32oz
Tech vinyl cleaner is specialy formulated to be fast drying without leaving behind any filmy residue.
Price: $6.39
Product ID Tech-Wood-and-Laminate-Cleaner
Tech Wood and Laminate Cleaner Spray 32oz
Use this eco-friendly floor cleaner to get your floors into tip top shape. Safe for use around kids and pets.
Price: $5.99
Product ID Terry-Cloth-Cover
Manufacturer Comsentech
2 Pack Sh-Wipe Terry Cloth Mop Cover
Do you prefer to use terry cloth mops? This 2-Pack of 8 x 15 Sh-Wipe Terry Cloth Mop Covers fits the Bona 8 x 15 mop head. Soft, gentle on the floors, but sturdy enough to last hundreds of machine washings.
Price: $9.49
Product ID Traction-Plus-Bath-Traction-Treatment
Traction Plus Bath Traction Treatment

.The tration plus bath treatment is safe on most bath surfaces such as porcelain, syntetic resin, fiberglass and ceramic tiles. This comes in a 8 oz bottle that will treat one whole tub or shower bottom. 

Price: $16.50
Product ID Traction-Plus-Daily-Cleaner-and-Maintainer-Gallon
Traction Plus Daily Cleaner and Maintainer Gallon

Traction Plus Daily Cleaner will penetrate your floors getting rid of the slippery film that is caused by dirt and grease build up.

Price: $27.19
Product ID Traction-Plus-Finished-Surfaces-Cleaner-and-Maintainer
Traction Plus Finished Surfaces Cleaner and Maintainer

Use this product to bring back the slip resistance to your floors while making them look brand new! This contains NO soap so you don't have to worry about any hazy buildup.

Price: $35.79
Product ID Traction-Plus-Green-Building-Cleaner-and-Maintainer-Gallon
Traction Plus Green Building Cleaner and Maintainer Gallon

Traction Plus Green Building Cleaner and Maintainer is a great way to clean and get back the slip resistance of your floors in an eco friendly way! This product is biodegradable and contains no harsh chemicals.

Price: $29.19
Product ID Universal-Stain-Remover
Universal Stain Remover

Universal spray stain remover. Sold in a 200mL Bottle

Price: $20.59
Product ID Vermont-Natural-Coatings-Daily-Wood-Cleaner-Spray
Manufacturer Vermont Natural Coatings
Vermont Natural Coatings Daily Wood Cleaner - Spray
Economical and effective non-toxic wood cleaner in a ready-to-use 32 oz spray. Dependable Vermont Natural Coatings wood cleaner has no odor and is safe to use around people and pets.
Price: $13.49
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